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Future Salon Owner,

Are you considering owning your own hair salon? 

Are you excited and a little scared all at the same time?

Do you wish you had a start-up expert show you EXACTLY how to make your salon a stunning success?

Here are a few secrets that might help you…


Hair Salons Take in a LOT More Money Than You Think
According to the S.B.A. the average U.S. hair salon brought in over $230,000 in sales in 2016.

The average salon size was just 1100 square feet and was opened in less than 90 days.

And profit margins are VERY high

Did you know that a haircut, shampoo and style at just $20 creates over 90% gross profit!

…and there are a LOT of other ways to make money from product sales to booth rentals, nails, makeup and more.

Secret #2
Now is a GREAT Time to Open a New Salon
The salon business in the U.S. alone is a BOOMING $20,000,000,000 (that’s twenty “billion” with a B) industry and it’s growing by 3.7% per year*, that’s almost a billion dollars a year… 

Fact is, EVERYONE needs a haircut and our population is booming.

The numbers don’t lie, there has never been a greater opportunity or better time for you to be in the hair salon business than now but you have to hurry before the gap is filled. 

Secret #3
You CAN Open a Great Salon 
on a Shoestring Budget
Most franchises will tell you that it takes $100K or more to open a salon, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to. 

Many salons are opened for as little as $10K by co-locating inside an existing business that already have traffic (the best kind) or you can go solo for less than $25K to get started with just a few stations.

You WILL need to know some tricks like where to get good used equipment, how to decorate for less and where to get supplies below wholesale, etc… 
You can do this, and we can help.

Secret #4
You Can Avoid 90% of Startup Mistakes By Following a Simple 
Set of Rules and Steps
Look, starting a business is just like anything else, if you follow the instructions 9 times out of 10 you succeed. 

Unfortunately, most people have no instructions, no blueprint no road map to follow. 

You may not even have a close friend in the business to help.

That’s why we created Startup Jungle

We know it’s a jungle out there and if you don’t have a great guide you may very well be eaten by a lion.

So here is what we’ve done…

We hired some of the best minds, experts and experienced operators in the business to create the ULTIMATE complete, simple, easy to follow 1-2-3 success guide for you… we call it the EDGE!

It’s a soup-to-nuts, hair salon owners manual.

This complete guide will walk through the start and growth of your new Hair Salon Empire. Here is just a taste of what’s inside…

  • How to negotiate your salon lease, so that you won’t get taken advantage
  • How to choose the best location for your business, so that you will have maximum exposure with the least amount of competitors
  • What kind of licenses permits and regulations you’ll need cleared, so that you can avoid headaches from city violations in the future
  • How to develop new clients, so that you’ll have a constant stream of new business
  • How to analyze the salon market, so that you are always up to date on trends, strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities
  • A step-by-step marketing plan for your salon, so that you have the most effective and cost efficient way to get your salon seen
  • How to spot and handle employee and customer theft, bounced checks, and counterfeit cash, so that you’re never caught off-guard
  • How to hire employees, so that you know all the procedures to take before taking on a new employee and their salary ranges
  • How to design and layout your salon, so that you have the most efficient space without sacrificing style
  • How to establish your pricing, so that you can find the perfect balance of customer satisfaction and revenue
  • A complete products, supplies, and equipment checklist, so that you’ll be ready for business on day one
  • How to create customer development programs, so that you’ll have loyal customers with high returns
  • What kind of software you’ll need, so that you are fully supported on the operations side
  • How to assess and analyze your competition, so that you can be the best salon in your neighborhood
  • Basic Accounting principles and bookkeeping checklist, so that you have all revenue and costs documented, organized, and fully accounted for to prevent waste, and maximize profits
  • How to hire contract stylists, so you only pay for completed stylings, and keep your payroll low
  • How to get involved in a franchise, in case you wanted to ride the coattails of an existing brand and not get burned
And So Much More!
Owning the EDGE system is like having an expert friend in the business who can answer any question you might have. Plus…

Who Else Wants 100+ MORE Close 
Friends In The Business To 
Help You All For FREE!

In addition to publishing the ULTIMATE salon start-up guide we’ve also created the Salon Owners Association private Facebook community for salon owners and start-ups so we can all help one another.

Imagine, you’ll have the support of DOZENS, if not hundreds of friends in the business you can lean on for advice, tips or just a sympathetic ear when you need one. 

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I think you’ll be very pleased to learn that today you get everything for just $19

That includes the complete guide and a full year's membership in the Salon Owners Association. 

Why so little?

There is strength in numbers. Truth is we need you to help grow this group to the largest of its kind in the world.

So by basically giving you our $89 guide + complimentary membership for just $19 we knew you would feel plain dumb to turn us down. Right?

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Thanks for reading and congratulations on taking this big step toward owning your own salon.

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